Cross-country priorities

In addition to national priorities, in-country and global stakeholders identified a set of priorities that can strengthen community health across countries.  Illustrative investments will be developed for each of the priority areas below (e.g., tools, convenings, networks and platforms, technical assistance programs, etc).  Six cross-country investment priorities include:

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Mobilize funding for community
health as part of the primary health care system, including sustainable domestic financing

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Reduce fragmentation by integrating community health into national human resource, supply chain, and information systems design

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Put WHO guidelines to optimize CHW programs into practice

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Design primary care systems of the future with strong health services at the community level

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Collect and effectively use community health data

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Foster high-level political commitment to community health, as part of the movement for primary health care, universal health coverage, and SDG 3

These priorities will continue to be updated based on country feedback. Investments in these priorities can leverage ongoing partner efforts in the community health space and other areas. Click here for more detail on cross-country priorities.